Serpent and Dove Series Review


SERPENT & DOVE (Book1) - Published September 2019

BLOOD & HONEY (Book 2) - Published September 2020

GODS & MONSTERS (Book 3) - Expected Pub Date September 2021

Serpent & Dove (the first book of the series) was really good. 
5 STARS good.  
Our heroine, the witch Lou, has a filthy mouth and a huge heart. The witch hunter, Reid, is all about believing in the church, being proper and burning witches (oops).  

It was the perfect tale of enemies-to-lovers romance, with a lot of sarcasm and funny moments in between (and one steamy love scene).  There’s also violence, a heist gone wrong, lots of secrets, and a mission to stop the witches from taking over the kingdom.

At the end of this book we were left hoping for a "good vs evil" battle on the second book.⁠

⏭ Fast forward to Blood & Honey ~ this book was 532 pages too long, where 85% of those pages added nothing substantially new to the story, and the entire time I kept asking myself "where is she going with this?"  The last 15% of the pages finally delivered some action, where I expected a resolution of sorts, where enemies maybe turned into allies and instead I got...⁠




UGH! ⁠

I fell like this book could have been 232 pages, but it was extended to 532 pages to make a trilogy possible, instead of a duology...⁠

Was this a clear case of second book syndrome?  Did you read it? What did you think?