Hungry Hill by Eileen Patricia Curran



HUNGRY HILL by Eileen Patricia Curran is a debut novel that looks perfect not just for my Summer Reading challenge, but also as a bookclub pick. ⁠#hungryhill  #debutnovel

I'll be reading it next.⁠⁠

⬇️ Synopsis:⁠⁠

Grace Cavanaugh is intelligent, kind - and a bit of a wise ass. Lately, though, she's also something else: completely lost and just a little crazy. Her entire world has collapsed since Valentine's Day, when her husband, Michael, died unexpectedly after a romantic dinner celebrating their devotion. With her world turned upside down, she abandons the couple's gorgeous Victorian mansion and retreats to a cramped apartment with their three dogs in tow. Living in misery, barely finding energy to walk the dogs, Grace succumbs to her sorrow.⁠⁠

Just as she hits bottom, a relative she hasn't seen in years calls out of the blue. Maggie Reilly, her eighty-six-year-old great aunt who still lives in the house she was born in, has troubles of her own. She desperately needs a family member to take care of her, so she reaches out to Grace hoping the bond they shared decades ago remains strong enough to bring her great niece back home.⁠⁠

Hungry Hill is a story navigating the complexities of love in its many forms and how it endures. It explores our desire to belong to each other and to live a life of connectedness. It also reminds us to keep our sense of humor no matter what life brings, and to never underestimate the power of a great pair of shoes. 


⬇️ About the Author:⁠⁠

EILEEN PATRICIA CURRAN was born in Massachusetts and spent much of her childhood in Connecticut. She currently resides in Florida, the land of perpetual weirdness. Hungry Hill is her first novel.  

You can find out more about her by visiting her site,

🤩 Make sure you add this one to your list of books to read.  My #bookreview will be up soon and I'd love to hear from all of you on the latest books you've been reading.


  1. This sounds fun - I'd like her as I'm more than a bit of a wise ass too ;)

  2. I've never heard of the book before but I like the sound of it. Love that minimal cover too. Great review.