My Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Which author would you most want to interview

My Bookish Summer Blog Hop

Welcome to stop #18 of the Bookish Summer Blog Hop!   This is a Super Fun way to get a group of book bloggers to answer a daily question during the month of July.  The answers then get posted to the blog that's scheduled to host that day. And Today happens to be my turn to host it !

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Today's question is "Which Author Would you Most Want to Interview?"   

Marcia Marques (your hostess today)
Wow! I'm a book lover and an avid reader, so this question is a very tough one! Right off the bat, there are 3 that make to the top of the list: Jodi Picoult, Neil Gaiman and Tomi Adeyemi.  I would love to ask each of them how they come up with their ideas, how many books do they read in a year, how long does it take from concept to final draft, and what tips/advices they could give to aspiring writers like myself.

Jo Linsdell
Probably J.K. Rowling. I’d love to pick her brain about writing stuff, and how she came up with the idea for Harry Potter. She not only created amazing characters, and an awesome story. She created a world with so many tiny details that it went on to make history. Everyone knows about Harry Potter. I think she’d be really interesting to talk to about other things too though.

Leslie Conzatti
Oh good grief! The list of authors to answer this question would probably be about as long as my “favorite authors” list! I’d want to chat with Cornelia Funke and Marissa Meyer, ask them about the wonderful fairy tales they’ve created, and the inspiration for the inventive stories they’ve spun. I’d want to meet Mark Lawrence and pick his brain about the marvelous blend of science and magic, and the rich, realistic post-apocalyptic world he’s envisioned. I’d want to chat with Jim Butcher and Brandon Sanderson and just basically geek out over paranormal and sci-fi fiction. There’s just so much I love about the authors whose books I read and enjoy!

Brandy Potter
I agree Leslie. She likes to ask these difficult questions. However my choice is easy. Most of the choices I have are dead so…. That leaves Nora Roberts, Heather Graham and Ted Dekker. I have met Nora, watched interviews with Heather but Mr. Dekker is decidedly elusive. So I would have to go with Mr. Dekker. Don’t get me wrong though, Heather would be quite an amazing interview.

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  1. And Mr. Gaiman makes another list! I knew Jo was going to say J.K. There are some new faces on this list though. Might have to check em out!

  2. Wow! I love Cornelia Funke's books as well!