11 Unique Mother's Day Gifts that Every MOM Wants!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and just like the previous years, here you are, on auto-pilot,  rushing to the mall to buy one more thing that your mom does not need!

"What should I buy?" You might ask.

Why not move away from material gifts (flowers and chocolate included) and actually give your mom an EXPERIENCE?  You might be surprised how much she'll appreciate the gift, gesture and actual thought you put into this.

Think about it.

Some of the experiences on the list below will last, so technically, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Mom did a great job raising a genius: YOU!

Buy her Theater Tickets to a musical and/or play.

How about Opera Tickets?

Give her a Museum Membership, and she can actually share the experience with the grandchildren!

Pamper her with a Spa Gift Certificate for a Massage and/or Facial! That will earn you brownie points for sure :-)

Gardening - For the moms that like gardening, offer to take care of the garden for a day.

New Skill - get her the Interior Design classes that she talks about all the time (or computer classes, yoga, fill in the blanks).

How about a Sip and Paint class?  These are popping up everywhere and they are pure FUN!  Be sure to check online deals on Groupon and Living Social for discounted classes.

Spend time with mom and take her to a Botanical Garden.  

Dinner or Brunch - Take mom to that new restaurant in town, or to a special restaurant that she hasn't been to yet.

Check out the local Library and/or Bookstore for upcoming events, like an Author Book Signing or a Book Club Meeting.  That can give her a chance to meet new people while taking up a new hobby!

Reading Challenge - Buy 2 of the same books, give her one, and tell her that you will read it together.  Make a coffee/dessert/wine date to talk about the book.

If none of the above seem doable (or you are desperate for a last minute gift), check out the following gifts that won't break your bank and are unique enough to make Mom Happy:

TEA TASTING ASSORTMENT - $28.50 on Amazon.com (click the image to go to the site)

Funny Mug  - $10.99 on Amazon.com (click the image to go to the site)

The Mason Jar Cookie Company Triple Chocolate chip Cookie Mix - $24.88 on Amazon.com

Whatever option you choose, remember to just make it FUN and UNIQUE!
Your MOM deserves it!


  1. These are great ideas! I absolutely love sip and paint classes!

  2. These are good ideas for my kids to buy for me LOL
    My mom is impossible to buy for -- I will let you know how it goes LOL

    1. Give your kids some hints! Thanks for reading !


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