My Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Indoor or outdoor reader

Wow! The month of July just flew by!

Welcome to stop #29 of the Bookish Summer Blog Hop!  This has been such a great way to get to know a bit more of the book blogger community!

Today's question is: Are you an Indoor or an Outdoor Reader?

Kelli Quintos

Indoor. Easily. I need A/C in the Texas heat and I don’t want to have to worry about mosquitos or creepy crawlers landing on me or my book when I’m outdoors. I can handle short bursts of outdoor reading every once in a while, but I do my marathon reading from the comfort of my couch.

Jo Linsdell

Indoor reader for sure. I like to be comfy, and have peace and quiet when I read. Outdoors there’s too many distractions. I will sometime take my ipad with me when I take my kids to their swimming or jiu jitsu training so I can read whilst they train but I find it harder to get into the story. I much prefer reading at home from the comfort of my bed.

I am definitely an outdoor reader. I like to be out in the sun and listen to the birds!

I would be an outdoor reader IF allergies and pests weren’t Things That Exist To Make Me Miserable. Get me a place with plenty of shade, protection, and nothing but a nice breeze (like in a screen tent or something) and I would 100% definitely read outside. But barring the absolute pristine circumstances, I generally tend to do my hardcore binge-reading inside, preferably in an armchair with a soft blanket.

Indoor if I’m reading e-books because I hate using a screen outdoors. Or, if it’s rainy or the flies are bad. It’s been a bad year for flies.
I like reading outdoors though if the weather is nice and I have a good paperback. I like sitting on the beach and reading while my kids build castles or just sitting on the deck with a good book while the kids are being kids. I once read Tommyknockers by Stephen King in one day just sitting on the deck while the kids were playing.

Marcia Marques (me)

I would love to read outdoors more often, but due to the weather and the fact that I read in the early hours of the morning, I tend to read indoors.

Thank you all for participating, reading and supporting the #BookBloggers Community!

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  1. I agree with Casia, reading e-books outdoors is annoying. I do sometimes enjoy a paperback in the sun though.

  2. e-books + outdoor don't really agree with me. I just recently had to travel and being able to have a nice selection of books in my Kindle was a nice touch. Books are too heavy :-(

  3. This is great! I loved reading everyone's answers! I'm a bit of both. I'm in the UK so don't have to contend with the heat in Texas for sure (although this Summer has been scorching in the UK) but eBooks and outdoors don't mix because I can't see the screen very well. I love reading in the bath too!


    1. Reading in the bath? Now that's something I haven't tried yet :-)

  4. I love reading outdoors (but only when there is very limited wind and the sun is shining). I live in Scotland, so that doesn't happen very often, so you'll usually find me reading from my couch or the comfort of my own bed. ��

    1. Emily, I can't read on my bed cause I always fall asleep :-)