I started a local Book Club back in 2017 and since then, the highlight of the month is the anticipation and actual act of going to the meetings and chatting with my buddies!  As much as I enjoy being active on social media and interacting with other bloggers, my once a month book club meeting is non-negotiable.

As in the previous year, I did an online survey with all the book suggestions we got and the results became our reading list for 2020.  The only difference is that for 2020, we only chose the first 6 months, and we will do the same thing mid-year.

Although our Book Club is local to our NJ town (& surrounding areas), you are welcome to read along if you wish.  Check out the Reading list below and leave me a note, in case you decide to read any of these books.

And if you're curious about joining and/or starting your own book club, please check this blog post.

I will be updating this page throughout the year, so keep checking back!  Scroll down to see the links for the book reviews.

Do you belong to a book club?  Virtual or local?  

Nine Perfect Strangers
Dear Mrs. Bird
Never Let Me Go
Bel Canto
And Then There Were None
The Woman in the Window
Manhattan Beach
The Immortalists
Exit West

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